Creating world-class aircraft manufacturing and passenger experience with decarbonised travel.

Stralis was founded on a singular idea—to be the world's leading emission-free aircraft company producing high-performance, low-operating cost, hydrogen-electric aircraft at scale. We see green hydrogen as a fundamentally clean, carbon-free, lightweight, and economical solution.

Our team has worked on leading electric aircraft programs worldwide. Based on our practical experience with the alternatives, Stralis concludes that hydrogen-electric propulsion is the most commercially viable, and truly sustainable technology. We have come together to deliver what we believe will be the solution.

Bob Criner
Co-Founder & CEO
Stuart Johnstone
Co-Founder & CTO
Steffen Geries
Dr Emma Whittlesea
Head of Partnerships
Steven Holden
Chief Aircraft Engineer
Dr Mark Broadmeadow
Propulsion Control System Lead
Dr Andrew Dicks
Hydrogen Fuel Cells Lead
Dr Peter Mauracher
Electrical Engineering Lead
Darren Matthews
Tom Benedetti
Propulsion Test Systems Engineer
Luciano Serra
Head of Certification

“Bonnie”, our Bonanza A36-HE technology demonstrator, will take flight in 2025.

Our first solution to the urgent need to decarbonise will be to retrofit existing aircraft with our novel hydrogen-electric propulsion system, allowing us to accelerate the transition to sustainable flight.

Our Bonanza A36-HE technology demonstrator, will take flight in 2025. The program learnings will inform our 15-seat B1900D-HE retrofit, which has an 800km range and enters service late 2026 with our launch customer, Skytrans Airlines.

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Follow the journey of our test aircraft, ahead of our first product launch.