15-seat Retrofit
Available 2026

Our first product to market will modify a Beechcraft 1900D by replacing the conventional turbine engine and kerosene fuel system with our novel Hydrogen Electric Propulsion System (HEPS) and liquid hydrogen storage tank. We will inspect and overhaul the airframe and avionics during the modification and modernise the interior. Stralis intends to obtain a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) with CASA and the FAA for this product.

ModelStralis B1900D-HE
Propulsion TypeHydrogen Electric
Fuel TypeLiquid Hydrogen
Max. Passengers15
Max. Payload
1500 kg 3300 lb
Max. Range
800 km 432 nm
Cruise Speed
500 km/h 270 kts
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50-seat New Design
Available 2030

The SA-1 will be cheaper to operate than a Boeing 737, allowing us to tap into the $2 trillion single-aisle market. Smaller, lower-operating-cost aircraft make new routes viable and reduce door-to-door travel times by flying to underutilised, less congested airports. Incorporating learnings from the B1900D-HE program and customer inputs, Stralis will design a clean-sheet aircraft optimised around hydrogen-electric propulsion. A core objective is to offer improved operating costs and scalability.

ModelStralis SA-1-HE
Propulsion TypeHydrogen Electric
Fuel TypeLiquid Hydrogen
Max. Passengers50
Max. Payload
5000 kg 11,000 lb
Max. Range
3000 km 1620 nm
Cruise Speed
580 km/h 313 kts
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Follow the journey of our test aircraft, ahead of our first product launch.