Our plan toward decarbonised, high-performance, low-operating cost, hydrogen-electric aircraft.

Our first solution to the urgent need to decarbonise will be to retrofit existing aircraft with our novel hydrogen-electric propulsion system, allowing us to accelerate the transition to sustainable flight. Our SA-1-HE will deliver a hydrogen-electric aircraft with a lower cost per available seat (CASK) than single-aisle models such as the Boeing 737 or A320. Our two iconic Bonanza A36 aircraft will be used as technology demonstrators for prototyping, testing, and our first flight. Bonnie will serve as our flight test bed, while Clyde will serve as our ground test bed.

Flight Plan (PDF)

Bonnie, our Bonanza A36-HE technology demonstrator, will take flight in 2025.

Our Bonanza A36 technology demonstrator, will take flight in 2025. The program learnings will inform our 15-seat B1900D-HE retrofit, which has an 800km range and enters service in late 2026 with our launch customer, Skytrans Airlines.

Our ground test bed, Clyde, is on track to complete a propeller test this year.

Ground testing enables us to quickly prototype and modify the airframe without the need for it to be airworthy at this stage. After successful motor tests using full power from the grid we are on track to reach our next milestone using hydrogen fuel cells.

Stralis aircraft

Follow the journey

Track the progress of Bonnie and Clyde our test aircraft, ahead of our first product launch for regional flight routes.

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Follow the journey of our test aircraft, ahead of our first product launch.